Doc’s Review – Rocky Patel Decade

Granted my exposure to copious amount of cigars has its limits but the Rocky Patel Decade rocked my pallet like no other cigar and is by far my favorite.  It’s a bold statement to make having such a young rookie pallet but it will lead us into a nice discussion on pallets.  Now let’s talk about the cigar and the first thing is the shape of the cigar, its boxed pressed.  When I first saw a boxed pressed cigar I thought here we go again another marketing gimmick and then I held it in my fingers and it made sense.  It felt natural and the corners prevented the cigar from rolling all over the place and how embarrassing is it when you put your cigar down and it rolls away, right.


The construction of the Rocky Patel Decade is solid and once you pick this up you know you have something special, it’s like holding hands with a girl that really like for the first time, you get a buzz.  The wrapper is premium Ecuador Sumatra dark leaf and is presented as smooth, uniform and with minimal veining.  The filler and the binder according the RP are a secret and so be it.  The Rocky Patel Decade is a special cigar and it should have some mystique, you don’t spill all the beans on the first date therefore the Rocky Patel Decade is the same way, always wanting more.

Like all good premium cigars she toasts up really well and burns true.  The draw is not too tight or not to loose but just right in the sweet spot.  Rocky Patel uses a quality control system to ensure the draw falls within their specs.  The Rocky Patel Decade produces a productive rich creamy smoke that fills the air with its provenance.

The flavor profile of this smoke is what leads me to have a cigarasm whenever I smoke a Rocky Patel Decade.  Its medium bodied cigar and the flavor profile stayed pretty consistent throughout the smoke.  The flavors I picked up along with the pleasant smoke were a fine roast coffee taste, mild pepper and a nice wood cedar.  The combination in which those flavors presented themselves to my pallet is like no other cigar has done to date.

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That is a personal point of view and your pallet is a sensory device that is custom made to you.  In saying that, what I find to be out of this world you may think is a real piece of fecal matter and that’s OK!  I celebrate the fact that our pallets are different, therefore our tastes will differ and what a wonderful venue we have as cigar smokers to explore those likes and dislikes with such a wide variety of smokes.  My reviews are not to persuade you to smoke a certain cigar but to share my experiences and hopefully bring something to the table for your enjoyment. Final thought, this is really one damn good cigar, just sayin!




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