Mold in your Humidor

It goes without saying that finding mold in your humidor is not a good thing. Your humidor should be a place to maintain the constitution and flavors of your cigars. The last thing you want is your cigars to smell and taste of mold. I would imagine that smoking mold is not a good thing for your health and definitely not a flavor I want to experience in my cigars. The good news is that you may be able to save the humidor depending on the severity of the mold.


First thing first is to empty your humidor of any cigars. I would thoroughly check each stick to make sure that mold has not started growing on your cigars. If you find any sticks with mold I personally would find the closest trash bin and dispose of them with regret. At this point I would place any untainted cigars in a ziplock bag with a Boveda pack to maintain the quality of the cigars while you perform surgery on your humidor. You can find Boveda packs at your local Brick and Mortar (B&M) Cigar Store or online here


Now that the humidor is empty I would find some alcohol to clean the mold in your Humidor. I have heard of some people using Everclear or ispropyl alcohol any 90% alcohol will do to kill any growing mold in your humidor. The concern with this is not to be heavy handed with the alcohol you use. The last thing you want to do is hurt your humidor. You do however want to thoroughly clean the humidor to ensure that it is free of any mold particles. After cleaning your humidor let it sit for at least a week. If you still find mold I would repeat the process.

If the mold persists you can always try a baking soda water solution. Mold cannot grow on anything with a high PH. Baking Soda has a PH of 8.1 which should do the trick to counteract the mold particles. I would use a solution 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 cup of water and wipe down the infected areas. Again be careful you do not want to damage your humidor so do not go overboard when applying this solution.

Mold can leave a discoloring of the Spanish cedar in the humidor. To remove this discoloration I would lightly sand with a fine grade sandpaper over the affected areas to attempt to remove this discoloration. Again do not go overboard with your sanding you do not want remove too much of the Spanish cedar. You may be stuck with some discoloration depending on the severity of the mold.

If you find that your humidor is a lost cause it may be time to start looking into buying a new humidor. Famous Smoke Shop has some really good offers on Humidors. You can find their selection here .

If you are confident that there is no more mold particles in your humidor I would then proceed to re-season the humidor. You can learn more about seasoning your humidor here. I would also look at different ways to humidify your humidor the last thing you want to do is to use the same technique and for the mold to come back. I personally use a Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0. With this tool I have not had any issues keeping my humidor at the perfect 70/70 ratio. You can find them at Famous Smoke here .

Once you have gone through the steps of seasoning your humidor you can then safely return all the uninfected cigars back in the humidor.

I hope that this helps!! If you have any further questions about removing mold in your humidor please ask.

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