Maintaining Proper Humidor Humidity Levels

Tips on Maintaining Proper Humidor Humidity Levels

Have you been having a hard time maintaining proper humidor humidity levels in the sweet zone of 68-72%? You are not alone. I recently received a question from one of my Facebook followers Stephen H. from Texas asking “My Humidor isn’t keeping its humidity, any tips”. Let us see if we can provide some easy solutions to remedy this problem.


Properly Seasoned Humidor

The first thing that you should do to any humidor is properly season that humidor. Seasoning a humidor is the process of allowing the Spanish cedar to re-absorb moisture. You need this to happen so your humidor will work at peak performance. To many times I have heard people tell me that they purchased or received a new humidor and just threw some cigars into it and some type of humidification. DO NOT DO THIS! Well I guess you can but you are going to find it hard maintaining proper humidor humidity levels.

For more on how to properly season your humidor you can start here.

Cigar Quantity

You just purchased your first 40-count humidor. You go through the necessary steps to properly season the humidor and place five of your favorite sticks in the humidor. You later find that the humidor is not maintaining its humidity levels; WTH is my Humidor defective?

It is always a good rule of thumb to keep about 50% give or take of humidor capacity inside the humidor. Not having enough cigars in a humidor can cause the humidity levels to fluctuate. By having your humidor filled to around 50% of the capacity or more it becomes easier maintaining proper humidor humidity levels because the cigars itself help keep the humidor humidified.

**NOTE Having too many cigars in your humidor can stifle the airflow and then not all the cigars will have the level of humidity that you require to maintain a quality cigar.

Yes, I just gave you an excuse to go out and buy some more cigars. Please feel free to tell your significant other that CigarBasics101 told you that you need more cigars in your humidor. It is important for you to maintaining proper humidor humidity levels. You can always find deals at Famous Smoke.


What are you using to humidify your humidor? Is it enough to keep your humidor humidified? Several products out on the market humidify your humidor. If you have properly seasoned your humidor, you maintain a good quantity level of sticks in your humidor, and your humidifiers are charged and you are unable to continue maintaining proper humidor humidity levels in your humidor then consider adding another humidifier.

Below are some products that I personally use and have found allowing me to maintain proper humidor humidity levels in all of my humidors.

DryMistat Humidor Humidifier Tubes – I place these in the bottom of my humidors to help maintain proper humidity throughout the humidor.


Cigar Caddy Crystal Gel Humidification Jar, 2 Oz – This is a great all around choice for any humidor.

Cigar Caddy Crystal Gel

Cigar Oasis Ultra 2.0 Electronic Cigar Humidifier – I use this in my bigger humidor to maintain the airflow and keep me in that sweet spot with little to no hassle. This is obviously a more expensive option but I have found it worth the investment.

Cigar Oasis


I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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