Hygrometer Calibration

Hygrometer Calibration is important to ensure that the humidity reading within your humidor is accurate. The humidity percentage within your humidor should be between 68 – 72%. Having an inaccurate reading on your hygrometer can harm your cigars. Without calibrating your hygrometer, you will not know if your humidity is really at 60% or 80%. To ensure you are getting a proper reading on your hygrometer you must perform a hygrometer calibration through a salt test.


Hygrometer Calibration

There are two types of hygrometers. The first is an analog hygrometer. This common hygrometer usually comes with a new purchase of a humidor. This will work but the recommendation is to spend a couple of dollars and buy a digital hygrometer. The digital hygrometer tends to be more accurate over the analog hygrometer. The calibration is the same whether you use an analog or digital hygrometer.

Hygrometer Calibration


1. Place a teaspoon of table salt into the cap of soda bottle and add just enough water to make it damp.

2. Place the dish in a zip lock plastic bag and place the hygrometer next to it. Make sure that you do not spill any of the salt water onto your hygrometer.

3. Seal the plastic bag with some air trapped inside.

4. Allow the hygrometer and salt-water filed cap to sit inside the sealed zip lock plastic bag for 4 – 6 hours.

5. After the time has elapsed, the hygrometer should read 75% humidity. If the hygrometer does not read 75%, humidity most hygrometers have a way for you to adjust the hygrometer reading if it is incorrect. If your hygrometer does not have a way to readjust the reading to 75% humidity, than note the deviation. (Example, Hygrometer reads 65% humidity after salt tests I now know that my hygrometer is 10% off the correct reading.)

Now that you have finished your Hygrometer Calibration the next step is to charge your humidifier. You can find out how here.


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  2. I followed these steps and found out that my hygrometer was about 7% off. I am using a analog hygrometer so I think I will purchase a digital one. Any suggestions?

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