Humidifier Charging

Humidifier charging is the process of filling your humidifier with distilled water or propylene glycol. The humidifier is what maintains your humidor at the 68 – 72% humidity that is needed to store high quality cigars. To charge your humidifier the below steps break it down systematically.


1. Remove the humidifier(s) from your cigar humidor.

2. Fill your humidifier with either distilled water or a propylene glycol solution of 50/50.

3. Make sure not to overfill the humidifier. You want your humidifier damp, not soaked when you do this process.

4. Dry the humidifier with a dry cloth, making sure any excess liquid from the distilled water or propylene glycol solution is removed.

5. Replace the humidifier back into your humidor.

There is nothing hard about humidifier charging for quality cigar storage. I personally use a pre-mixed solution of propylene glycol for my humidifiers. You can purchase this at any of your local cigar shops, usually for around $10.


Propylene Glycol solution is 50% distilled water and 50% propylene glycol in most cases. This solution absorbs moisture from the environment. The distilled water will evaporate until the humidity nears 70%. Once this happens the propylene glycol stops any more moisture from entering into the air. If there is too much moisture in the air then the propylene glycol will absorb more of the moisture. This will bring your system to 70% humidity inside your humidor. This makes propylene glycol a great choice for humidifier charging. Remember the humidity happy place inside your humidor is between 68 – 72%.

If you do not have easy access to propylene glycol, distilled water is your next best option. Some people do use tap or filtered water instead of propylene glycol or distilled water for humidifier charging. I would recommend against this practice. Filtered tap water is full of all the dissolved minerals, which will ultimately plug your humidifier. If this happens, you will need to purchase a new cigar humidifier and charge it properly.


  1. Paul R. Fava says:

    My humidor charging tray has mold growth on it. Can I save it or Chuck it and buy a new one?

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