How to Season a Humidor

Before we learn how to season a humidor, you must calibrate your hygrometer and charge your humidifier. Go to sections Hygrometer Calibration and Humidifier Charging. These steps must take place first before you can start seasoning your humidor.

The wood inside your humidor is high quality Spanish cedar that is dried through a kiln. The drying process of the spanish cedar in your humidor prevents against sapping, splitting and warping. In order for your humidor to perform at its best, the spanish cedar must re-absorb moisture. This process is called seasoning your humidor.

Below are the steps of how to season a humidor.

How to Season a Humidor

1. Use a sponge to wipe down the humidor in distilled water. Be sure not to overly saturate the humidor during this process. You do not want to cause water damage to the spanish cedar.

2. Place a shot glass filled with distilled water in the bottom of your humidor.

3. Charge your humidifier and place it inside your humidor.

4. Place the calibrated hygrometer inside the humidor.

5. Close the lid.

6. Check the humidity reading on your hygrometer daily. Once the humidity reaches the range of 68 – 72%, the spanish cedar has been properly stabilized.

Properly seasoning your humidor is needed to safeguard the flavor of your cigars. Following the above steps on how to season a humidor will allow you to have a properly seasoned humidor. The next step is to start choosing different types of cigars that you want to experience and fill your humidor.



  1. Thanks for this I was not sure how to properly season my humidor. This site has been a great help on the cigar basics.


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