Humidor Basics are important to the storing and maintenance of your cigars. Understanding each process of the humidor basics will give you the understanding that you need to store your cigars and safeguard the flavor. Cigar Basics 101 is here to give you step-by-step instructions on humidor basics.

Hygrometer Calibration

Hygrometer Calibration is important to ensure that the humidity reading within your humidor is accurate. The humidity percentage within your humidor should be between 68 – 72%. Having an inaccurate reading on your hygrometer can harm your cigars. Without calibrating your hygrometer, you will not know if your humidity is really at 60% or 80%. To ensure you are getting a proper reading on your hygrometer you must perform a hygrometer calibration through a salt test.

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Humidifier Charging

Humidifier charging is the process of filling your humidifier with distilled water or propylene glycol. The humidifier is what maintains your humidor at the 68 – 72% humidity that is needed to store high quality cigars. To charge your humidifier the below steps break it down systematically.

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How to Season a Humidor

Before we learn how to season a humidor, you must calibrate your hygrometer and charge your humidifier. Go to sections Hygrometer Calibration and Humidifier Charging. These steps must take place first before you can start seasoning your humidor.

The wood inside your humidor is high quality Spanish cedar that is dried through a kiln. The drying process of the spanish cedar in your humidor prevents against sapping, splitting and warping. In order for your humidor to perform at its best, the spanish cedar must re-absorb moisture. This process is called seasoning your humidor.

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  1. My humidor is reading 80%. Is that to high

    • Yes 80% is a bit to high. I would calibrate your hygrometer to make sure you are getting an accurate reading and then check what the hygrometer is reading. If it is still high you may need to change your humidification system. Let me know if you continue to have any issues and we will see if we can help get you straightened out.

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