Holiday Cigar Wish list

With the holiday’s right around the corner, the wife has officially started asking me about my Holiday Wish list. In my head, this is a simple list. Cigars, Cigar Accessories or anything Arizona Cardinals make the top of the list. But to make my life simpler and to increase the odds that I will get what I want I started to comprised this list and decided that my Holiday Cigar Wish List was worthy of sharing here with all of you.

My Top 10 Holiday Cigar Wish List

Cigar of the Month Club 

  1. I personally like the Cigar International Cigar of the month the best. For the Double-Decker Club you pay $29.95 and get two of each of the cigars for a total of eight cigars. Some of the others you only get five cigars for the same price. The reason I like two of each cigar because I am a strong believer that it takes smoking a stick more than once to truly understanding its flavor profile. This is easily the top item on my Holiday Cigar Wish List because its like Christmas Morning everytime these cigars come in the mail.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - CI COMC Double-Decker

Table Top Stinky Cigar Ashtray 

  1. I really like Stinky Cigar Ashtray’s when I saw this blue Antique Distressed Ashtray I knew that it had to be high on my Holiday Cigar Wish List. However, I would not mind any of the tabletop Stinky cigar Ashtrays.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Blue Stinky Ashtray

Colibri V-Cutter 

  1. I already have a Xikar V-Cutter. Nevertheless, I have a friend that has the Colibri V-Cutter, the cut is just a little deeper, and I like how it cuts over my Xikar V-cut. Besides, you cannot have too many cutters.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Colibri V Cutter

Old Glory Humidor

  1. I already have two tabletop humidors and a nightstand humidor at the house. However, I do not think that it is out of the question to have this gorgeous humidor added to the collection. My wife will disagree that I need another humidor but I am still adding it to my list in hopes the wife gets it!

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Old Glory Humidor

J.T. DuPont Maxijet Cigar Lighter

  1. Do I need another lighter…No.? Do I need a DuPont Maxijet Cigar lighter…Yes. I have one lighter that I rely on and the rest that I have are junk. This would make a very nice addition to anyone’s cigar accessory collection.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Blue Dupont

Stinky Cigar Floor Ashtray 

  1. I already have one Stinky Cigar Ashtray that I received from the wife 2 years ago. Honestly one of my favorite presents ever. If your wife or significant other got this for you for the holiday’s it is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Standing Stinky

Travel Humidor 

  1. This is an essential piece for any cigar smoker. Anytime I go anywhere I always bring my cigars. This allows for a variety of cigars for any occasion. Do not leave home without!

Holiday Cigar Wish List - 15ct Travel Humidor


  1. I would not mind adding this to my humidor collection. This wineador is great for overall storage of your cigars. You cannot go wrong with owning one of these.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Wineador

Cigar Knife

  1. I always like getting knifes for the holidays so why not a Xikar Cigar Knife added to the Holiday Cigar Wish List that will give me a straight cut and the utility of a knife.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Xikar Cigar Knife

Cigar Journal

  1. I personally like to save my cigar bands. Right now, they are in plastic bags. I think having a cigar journal to display my bands and add notes would be something very cool to do. So this makes to the Holiday Cigar Wish List.

Holiday Cigar Wish List - Cigar Journal


Thanks for reading and hopefully this gives you some insight on what to add to your own Holiday Cigar Wish List.

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