Cigar Tips: Fix Cigar Canoeing

How to Fix Cigar Canoeing

If you read our cigar tip on how to prevent cigar canoeing you may have noticed that it was missing how to fix cigar canoeing. If you have not read the article on preventing cigar canoeing then you can find it here. There are several ways that you can fix cigar canoeing some work better than others do but all have their merits.

The “WAIT”

The wait method to fix cigar canoeing is hit or miss. Most premium cigars will correct the cigar canoeing on their own. Depending on why the cigar is canoeing you may need to try a second method.

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The Re-burn is one of the more common methods to fix cigar canoeing. First thing, you want to do if you are going to use the re-burn method is to ash the cigar. At this point you take your lighter and start to light the wrapper where the cigar has not canoed. Once the burn is, even you can start smoking the cigar normal. The downside to this method is you may shorten the time it will take to smoke this cigar and you may have to perform this method more than once to fix cigar canoeing.

The “LICK”

Well you do not want to actually lick the cigar; you might burn your tongue. What I have seen or heard people do to fix cigar canoeing is lick their finger and place it on the wrapper where the canoeing is taking place. This is done in hopes to slow the canoeing down for the rest of the burn to catch up. I have personally had some mild success with this method. This is by far my least favorite method to fix cigar canoeing.

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The blow back method to fix cigar canoeing was shared with me on our Facebook page by Jayson Lankster. I ended up kicking myself for not thinking of this method myself. Since I was told of this method I have personally tried it and it worked beautifully.

First thing you must remember is to ash the cigar. This will prevent ash getting all over you. Jayson made sure to include this tidbit of information. I guessing he learned the hard way. Where this method gets its name is that you actually blow back through the cigar. This gets the foot of the cigar red hot. Once this is complete you want to take one long slow and even pull. At this point you should see all the edges at the foot of the cigar start to light up. This will allow you to fix cigar canoeing as the burn starts to catch up with the rest of the cigar.

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