Falto Seleccion Especial (Guest Review)

Here is my first shot at doing a review for the Falto Seleccion Especial Corona Gorda. It is a pleasure to be a guest writer for my brother of the leaf’s website, Cigar Basics 101. My background in smoking cigars would be classified as still wet behind the ears but I have some great cigar mentors and I know what I like. I have the pleasure of reviewing an ultra premium boutique cigar from Falto Cigars, the Falto Seleccion Especial Corona Gorda.

Falto SE 1


Wrapper- Corojo Dominican
Binder – Sumatra (Indonesia)
Filler – Bahia (Brazil), Ligero Cubano (Dominican Republic), Seco Nacional (Dominican Republic)
Size – 5.75X47 Corona Gorda

Falto SE 5
I know most reviewers will break the flavor profile of a cigar in thirds and I would have but I got distracted, Luis Falto was in the room while I was smoking one of his cigars. What a pleasure to meet the creator of the smoke you are enjoying. As I was enjoying the Falto Seleccion Especial there was a video of how he makes these creations, so I was side tracked “a tad”. You can find the video on how Falto Cigars make there cigars you can find it here.

First, the construction of the cigar is solid and really felt good in my fingers, which is my first tactile impression I use to evaluate a cigar.

Second, is the lighting or as I like to say the toasting of the cigar and she lit up like a sprinter ready to leave the starting line.

Third, is the draw and this will determine what type of relationship I am going to have with a cigar. I don’t want to have to work at keeping a cigar lit or have such an easy draw that I feel like nothing is happening or suck so hard draw my face implodes, I want to enjoy it. I want a cigar that has a gentle draw to where I can pull a cool smoke. The Falto Seleccion Especial hit the nail on the head. I could lay it down for a tad and pick up where I left off. The burn on the Falto Seleccion Especial was symmetrical. At no point did I have to retouch or relight, and for being as distracted I was, because the man was there, that says a lot.

The flavor profile for the Falto Seleccion Especial was consistent throughout the whole smoke but then again my ADD was kicking in. It had solid tobacco flavors, a medium body, and mild after taste. I got hints of pepper/leather taste with a confident cocoa/mocha profile though out the smoke.

I love my coffee and really appreciate a good bean and the Falto Seleccion Especial would complement the pallet of a coffee drinker or you could pair it up with a fresh brew of java, yum! Final thoughts, you see the Falto Seleccion Especial, get it and light it up and you shall enjoy!


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