Cigar Punch Cutter

To continue the cigar basics 101 I wanted to discuss the Cigar Punch Cutter. There are many types of tools that can be used to cut a cigar. We discuss the different types of cutters here. The cigar punch cutter is great tool for any aspiring cigar aficionado to have in there pocket at all times.

The cigar punch cutter allows you to cut a small circular hole in the cigar’s cap. Cutting your cigar this way helps to ensure that the cigar cap stays intact and allows the cap to continue to protect the wrapper of the cigar from unraveling.  There is nothing worse that having a cigar wrapper unravel on you.

One of the downsides to this type of cut is that the draw of the cigar is impeded by such a small cut surface area. If you find this to be the case you can always revert to a straight or guillotine cutter to open up more surface area on the cigar.

The cigar punch cutter works best on a parejos shaped cigars.  A Parejos shaped cigar has a body that is round, the sides of the cigar are straight, the foot of the cigar is open, and the cap of the cigar is closed.

parejo Cigar Shape

The cigar punch cutter is best suited to this style of cigar as long as the gauge of the cigar is 40 or larger. Anything smaller than 40 you want to look to use a guillotine or straight cutter.  It will work for some Figarado shaped cigars but not many. You would be better off with a guillotine or straight cutter for one of those. You can read more about the Cigar Shapes here.

You can pick up an inexpensive cigar punch cutter at your local tobacconist shop for around $4-$8. I recommend if you are just starting out that this is the route that you take. One of the downsides to these inexpensive cigar punch cutters is that the punch piece likes to go missing. So you are left with the piece that is attached to your key chain and nothing that will actually cut your cigar. Despite this these are a great starting cigar punch cutter.


If you are looking to go a little more advance you can always purchased one of the more expensive versions of the cigar punch cutter.  I personally own one produced by Xikar that does the job quite well and I never have to worry about losing the cutter since it is all one piece.  Below are some options that you can find on Amazon.


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