Cigar Tips: Prevent Cigar Canoeing

Cigar Tips: Prevent Cigar Canoeing

For most cigar smokers cigar canoeing is something that we all have had to deal with. Obviously, we are not talking about grabbing a canoe and some paddles and traveling around a lake or down a river. We have all dealt with our cigars burning further down on one side or an uneven burn. When this happens to a cigar, it has been dubbed, canoeing. There are three typical reasons why cigars will start canoeing. Once you are aware of these reasons you can then take the appropriate actions to prevent them.

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Improper Cigar lighting

If a cigar is not lighted properly, it can canoe. Therefore, it is important when toasting or lighting your cigar that you take your time and properly light or toast the cigar foot completely. The good news for you if you do not know how to light your cigar properly or just need a refresher you can go here and learn all about. By properly lighting your cigar, you can help prevent cigar canoeing.

Improper Storage

Even if you light your cigar properly, the cigar may still go canoeing on you. Another common reason for canoeing is improper storage. Most cigars in people’s collection are stacked within their humidors. This stacking of cigars within a humidor could cause the cigars to go canoeing. If your humidor does not have good air flow the underside of the cigar is not going to be as humidified as well as the top of the cigar. The same goes for any cigars that are stacked towards the bottom of your humidor. The farther down in the stack the less airflow. This varying degree of humidification within a cigar can cause your cigar canoeing.

To prevent this from causing your cigars to canoe you can do a few things. First, do not overfill your humidor. Having a humidor that is over capacity is not a good thing. Just because the humidor can hold 50 cigars does not mean that it should. If the humidor is to full this will cause less airflow and less humidity hitting the cigars farther down the stack. Second, rotate your cigars. Rotate the cigars on the top to the bottom and rotate the side of the cigar that is pointing to the ceiling to the bottom. This will help ensure that even with crappy airflow you can help even out the humidity levels of the cigars and help prevent cigar canoeing.

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Thou shall not Puff

Yes, puffing your cigars can cause cigar canoeing. I have very bad habit of taking three or four puffs on my cigars. This is something that I picked up early on in my cigar experience and have yet to break. What I should be doing is taking one draw from my cigar. By taking three or four draws at a time, I am overheating the tobacco. This can cause the cigar canoeing. So do not do as I do. Do as I say! Take even draws and stay clear of puffing. This will help to prevent cigar canoeing.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.


  1. Hey Kyle, what can you do to correct this if your cigar has gone canoeing?


    • what you can do is wet your finger and then wet the cigar just below where it is canoeing and only where it is canoeing so that way the rest will continue to burn evenly and once it all catches up the slightly damp spot will dry as the rest catches up and then you will have an even burn once more.


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