Putting out a Cigar

Addressing the issue of putting out a cigar is a common question that I get from new cigar smokers. Most early smoking experiences people have is with cigarettes whether it be first hand or television. Cigarettes come from different tobacco, chemicals and additives are added to them so their burn is constant once lit and need to be stubbed out when finished. The common notion because of cigarettes is when you are ready to put out a cigar you just go stub it out in an ashtray. This is not the case.

If you have ever made the mistake of putting out a cigar by stubbing it out in an ashtray as if you would a cigarette, you know that the cigar puts off a foul odor. The important thing about making this mistake is that you learn from it and stop putting out a cigar in this manner. Let the cigar “Die a noble death”. ┬áCigars or rather premium cigars are made only with cigar tobacco. Additives and chemicals to prolong the burn are not added to a premium cigar.

What causes the foul odor?

As the cigar burns, the filler will accumulate oils and tars. When you stub out the cigar, you are allowing the odor from these oils and tars that are in the filler tobacco to escape. No one wants to experience that foul odor after enjoying a premium cigar.

Cigar Ashtray

Putting out a cigar properly.

When you finish smoking a cigar, it is important to remember that a cigar needs active smoking or puffing to maintain the burn. Therefore, the proper way to putting out a cigar is to let it rest on one of the ashtray fingers and the cigar will put itself out. This is what we mean when we say to “Let the cigar die a noble death.”

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