How to Light a Cigar

Before you continue with this section on How to Light a Cigar, make sure that you have read the section on the different ways of Cigar Lighting. You can find it here.

You should now have settled on either wood matches or butane lighter to light your cigar. These two types of fire to light your cigar will protect the flavors of your cigar. You have spent good money on the cigars in your humidor and it only makes sense that you want to protect everything about them for a more enjoyable smoke. Learning how to light a cigar properly will let you experience the cigar at its fullest.

If you are set on lighting your cigar with paper matches or a lighter fluid lighter, make sure that you do not touch the cigar with the flame. This will help to minimize the risk of taking away the natural flavors in the cigar. If you are using paper matches let it burn a bit to burn off some of the sulfuric dioxide before you try to light your cigar.

Below you will find the steps on How to Light a Cigar.

How to Light a Cigar

Now that we have, a better idea on the proper fire utensils for our cigar lets go ahead, light it up, and enjoy.

Before we light the cigar we must first properly cut the cigar. You can find more on How to Cut a Cigar here.

Take your time when lighting your cigar. There is no need to rush the process of lighting your cigar properly.

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To light a cigar you want to bring the foot of the cigar to the tip of the flame. Make sure not to put the foot of the cigar directly into the flame. The idea is not to char the cigar. Once the cigar foot is on the tip of the flame, you want to start rotating the cigar in your fingers. The process of rotating the cigar in your fingers is so no one portion of the foot gets too much heat. You will continue this process until the cigar is lit evenly.

You can test that a cigar is burning evenly by blowing on the foot of the cigar. If you are still seeing black when you do this the cigar is not lit evenly yet and needs more flame. Below you will find a video from that illustrates this process. The first 2 minutes talks about how to light a cigar.

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Now light that cigar and Enjoy!


  1. This was great information on how to light a cigar. I will use these steps when I light up my next stogie.

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