How to Choose Cigars

Once people learn that I have a website about the cigar basics one of the first questions that is always asked is about how to choose cigars. This is actually a really tough question. There are so many different types of cigars available that it really comes down to personal preference and a willingness to try new things.

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How to Choose Cigars

How to choose cigars is very simple. When choosing a cigar I ask myself two questions.

  • Is the cigar well constructed?  – This is something that I look for. However, I have smoked some wonderful cigars that have looked like dogs. We will have more information on Cigar Construction soon.
  • Have I smoked this cigar before? – When I go to a cigar store I want to smoke something I have heard about from my research or something I have never seen before. I am constantly looking for new smoke experiences. I have no problem smoking a cigar multiple times as long as it was good the first time.
  • Was this cigar recommended by someone? – Sometimes it pays off to choose a cigar your buddy has tried and raved about.

When you are first starting out I recommend that you spend a little bit of money and grab a sampler pack from Famous Smoke Shop. I prefer personally to shop locally but the Famous Smoke Shop has a great sampler selection.

These sampler packs usually come in 10 to 20 lots of cigars and range all shapes and sizes from different origins. They run specials all the time on a wide variety of different cigars. After you choose your sampler, spend some time over the next several months and enjoy those cigars. Some of them you may really enjoy. Others you may let die a noble death before they finish because it just didn’t suit you.

The biggest thing to remember when you ask about how to choose a cigar is there is no harm in trying something because it could be your next great smoke.

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