Cigar Shapes

Cigar shapes belong in two categories. These categories are parejos or Figurado. The parejos is a straight-sided cigar. The Figurado is an irregular shaped cigar. All cigars belong in one of these two categories.

Parejos Cigars

The Parejos is the most common cigar shape that cigar lovers will find. The body of the cigar is round, the sides are straight, the foot is open, and the cap of the cigar is closed.

parejo Cigar Shape


Figurado Cigars

A Figurado is a cigar that has an irregular cigar shape. This type of a cigar is harder to roll and typically costs more. The Figurado has four common different cigar shapes. These shapes are the torpedo, pyramid, perfecto, and the president. There are other shapes that fall under the Figurado. Just remember that anything with an irregular shape from the parejo cigar shape is considered a Figurado cigar shape.

figurados Cigar Shape

Below are descriptions of the more common Figurado.


A belicoso cigar shape has an identity crisis. It used to be a short pyramid, about 5 or 5-1/2 inches long with short rounded tapered head. Today, this cigar typically measures 5″ with a ring gauge of 50 and has a rounded head rather than a point. Looks more like coronas with a tapered head.


This huge cigar shape, measures 8 inches or longer. Shaped like a Parejo but considered a Figurado because of its enormous size and the foot can be open, or closes like a perfecto. Typically has a 50 ring gauge or larger


This cigar shape usually has a bulge in the middle. This cigar shape is typically closed on both ends. The length of this can vary between 4-1/2 to 9 inches with a ring gauge of 38-48.


This 6 – 7 inch cigar shape with a 40/52 ring gauge has a tapered head with an open foot.


This cigar shape has a pointed head, a closed foot, and a bulge in the middle.


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