Cigar Lighting

Before we learn the basics of how to light a cigar, we need to talk about what we need for cigar lighting. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a cigar is the taste that it offers as you smoke. Therefore, it is important that what you light your cigar with something that does not affect the taste of that cigar. There are four ways for a cigar smoker to light their cigar. Some are the best, while others are taboo.

Paper Matches

Paper matches have sulfur not only in the tip of the matches but the stem as well. When a paper match is lit the sulfur burns turning into sulfuric dioxide. Sulfuric dioxide does not have a great smell or taste. The taste of sulfuric dioxide has the potential of usurping the taste of the cigar if you light it with a cheap paper match. This is why it is taboo to light a cigar with cheap paper matches.

NOTE! If you have no other choice but to use a paper match for the cigar lighting. It is imperative that you do not touch the cigar with the flame. Personally, I would rather save the cigar for when I can light it properly than light it with a paper match.

Wood Matches

Wood matches are a great way to light your cigar. Unlike the paper matches, wood matches are not treated with sulfur. This makes wood matches a very acceptable way of preserving the flavor and of course lighting your cigar.

Most of your local cigar shops will offer you wood matches when you purchase cigars. Even though I have a butane lighter, I always take them up on these wood matches. You never know when a wood match will save your cigar smoking experience.


Butane lighters are one of the more popular ways of cigar lighting. Butane is colorless, odorless and burns clean. This allows you to properly light your cigar and not have to worry about compromising the flavor.

Lighter Fluid

Paper matches are not the only form of lighting a cigar that pose a risk to the flavor. Using a BIC, a Zippo or similar lighter to light your cigar pose flavor risks as well. Lighter fluid has an odor and taste that are not pleasant. That odor and the attached flavor will find their way into your high-quality cigar. Refrain from using this method of cigar lighting whenever possible.

Now that we have, a better idea on the proper fire utensils for our cigar lighting lets go ahead, light it up, and enjoy. You can find out How to Light a Cigar here.

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