Understanding the cigar basics is crucial to truly enjoying a good cigar. To many times cigars are ruined by people that do not understand the cigar basics. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way. Cigar Basics 101 is here to provide you with these basics.

Cigar Anatomy

To enjoy a cigar there is no need to understand cigar anatomy. You will still be able to smoke your cigar. To have a better appreciation for you cigar having an understanding of cigar anatomy will give you a better appreciation for everything that it takes to create a cigar. General knowledge of cigar anatomy will also help you understand terms that are discussed within this site and others.

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Cigar Shapes

Cigar shapes belong in two categories. These categories are parejos or Figurado. The parejos is a straight-sided cigar. The Figurado is an irregular shaped cigar. All cigars belong in one of these two categories.

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Cigar Cutters

You want to make sure when cutting your cigar that you get a clean cut. Knowing the tools to properly cut your cigar is important to this experience. There are four types of cigar cutters that can be used to facilitate a clean cut to your cigar. These types are Guillotine cutters, Punch Cutters, V-cutters, and Cigar Scissors.

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How to Cut a Cigar

It is time to learn how to cut a cigar. There are several ways that you can cut a cigar. The important thing is to get a good cut so you can enjoy the cigar. Before we continue, I would recommend that you read the sections on cigar anatomy and cigar shapes. These two sections will give the basics of cigar construction and shapes.

Another thing that is important when learning how to cut a cigar is having a quality cigar cutter. You can learn more about the different types of cigar cutters here.

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Cigar Lighting

Before we learn the basics of how to light a cigar, we need to talk about what we need for cigar lighting. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a cigar is the taste that it offers as you smoke. Therefore, it is important that what you light your cigar with something that does not affect the taste of that cigar. There are four ways for a cigar smoker to light their cigar. Some are the best, while others are taboo.

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How to Light a Cigar

Before you continue with this section on How to Light a Cigar, make sure that you have read the section on the different ways of Cigar Lighting. You can find it here.

You should now have settled on either wood matches or butane lighter to light your cigar. These two types of fire to light your cigar will protect the flavors of your cigar. You have spent good money on the cigars in your humidor and it only makes sense that you want to protect everything about them for a more enjoyable smoke

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How to Choose Cigars

Once people learn that I have a website about the cigar basics one of the first questions that is always asked is about how to choose cigars. This is actually a really tough question. There are so many different types of cigars available that it really comes down to personal preference and a willingness to try new things.

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