CAO Amazon Basin

The CAO Amazon Basin is a small batch limited release cigar. The CAO Amazon Basin uses a rare tobacco found in the Amazon rainforest as part of its filler. The region that this tobacco comes in the Amazon rainforest is Bragança. This Bragança tobacco is harvested once every three years. Because of the low yield of this tobacco, we can guess that the CAO Amazon Basin will be hard to come by.

CAO describes the CAO Amazon Basin as a full flavored medium-bodied cigar that has an exotic flavor profile. The CAO Amazon Basin was release this year at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show.

CAO Amazon Basin Band


Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Brazil and 5 other Countries
Made In: Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 52 Toro

CAO Amazon Basin


Rolling the CAO Amazon Basin in your hands and admiring this cigar, you notice several things just from a quick glance. The first thing that was noticeable is that the wrapper is gorgeous with its oily goodness. The second thing that caught the eye was the cigar band on this CAO Amazon Basin. The cigar band is twisted tobacco wrapped around the cigar. This on its own makes this one of the more unique bands that I have seen and one that you do not mind smoking.


Once you take the CAO Amazon Basin out of the cellophane you are immediately smelling a strong mocha or chocolate notes. At closer inspection, I was able to pick up notes of hay, vanilla, wood and a rich earthy aroma. I was too excited to light up this cigar that I forgot to do my normal pre-light draw.

Once I was satisfied with how the cigar was lit and was able to take that anticipated first draw I was immediately hit with strong earthy flavors with a hint of mocha and leather. The smoke itself was very creamy. This first of the cigar was very complex. The only others flavors I was able to pick up in the first third was from the retro-hale. During this, I was able to identify a spice and chocolate notes.

CAO Amazon Basin 2nd third

The second third of the CAO Amazon Basin continued to stay complex. The spice that I experienced in the retro-hale became a key player in this third of the cigar. The smoke itself continues to impress and continues to play a key part in the enjoyment of this cigar. The creaminess of this smoke continues to impress giving a very pleasant aroma that even my wife didn’t hate like she does with so many of my cigars.

During the final third, I decided to let the cigar band on this CAO Amazon Basin burn with the cigar. The first time I smoked this I removed it. This time I decided to leave it on and live dangerously. I am glad that I took this chance the band gave a kick in flavor by introducing a strong wood flavor. I have yet to identify the woodnote as of yet but it was unique. I am tempted to go lick the neighborhood trees until I find out what it is…


What a great stick. This is the second time that I have smoked this cigar. I can say without a doubt that I will smoke more. Each time I smoked this CAO Amazon Basin I found something new about it. I have no doubt that once you finish this cigar you will want to light another immediately. The only reason I stopped smoking this cigar was I started to burn my fingers from smoking it down to a nub.

I hope that you found this review enjoyable and take the time to find this cigar for yourself.

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