The Best Damn Cigar Show – 04/25/2014

On April 25, 2014 I had an opportunity of being a guest on “The Best Damn Cigar Show” that is hosted by Brad Berko the owner of the Scottsdale Cigar Club to discuss the blog and the topic of cigar basics. This is my third appearance on the show. You can listen to the first appearance on “The Best Damn Cigar Show” here. It is always a pleasure being on The Best Damn Cigar Show.

I was on the final segment of the The Best Damn Cigar Show with Brad Berko. You can listen to my segment at 43:31. Enjoy!!


Below comes from the Scottsdale Cigar Club Website

Every week Scottsdale Cigar Club produces a Cigar Radio Show called ‘The Best Damn Cigar Show’ for cigar enthusiasts and cigar lifestyle lovers.

We do the entire radio show live on location at the Scottsdale Cigar Club during NFL Season and from the studio most other airings and the host of the show is Brad Berko and various guests from sports, cigar world and financial experts.

Tune in to our live audio every Sunday from 12 – 1 pm on 1510 Money Radio (AM not FM) or listen to the archives below, when we talk about Cigar Smoking and the cigar lifestyle; it will be music to your ears!

An entertaining Cigar & Cigar Lifestyle show with special guests, information on Valley Cigar Events and much, much more.

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