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What is the best cigar?

If you were to ask this question to cigar smoker across the United States of America, you would get many different answers. Some may like Perdomo, Alec Bradley, Drew Estate, Rocky Patel, Ashton, Falto, or a Don Nobody cigar. Honestly, there is NO wrong answer to this question. The best cigar is the one you think is the best. It is purely a matter of an opinion. It is great to stay up with the trends but know that there is no wrong answer to the question of what is the best cigar.

When people ask me what is the best cigar I immediately think that what they are really asking is “I want to try something I haven’t because I am bored with what I usually smoke and I want to try the finer things in life.” I always tell them what cigars I like or think are the best cigars. Sharing your likes gives other cigar smokers new perspective and once they hear your passion for a certain cigar, they may try it.

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If you have, your mind set on finding the best cigar there are always lists of the best cigars of the year all over the cigar community. One of the better lists is the Cigar Aficionado 25 Best Cigars of the year. You can find the last several years of the 25 best cigars here.

Another great choice to finding new cigars is to join a community. There are several cigar communities out there. I recommend that you find one that suits you the best, so shop around. One of my favorites is the Google+ Cigars community. They are super friendly, helpful, and quite active.

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