Welcome to Cigar Basics 101 – A New Cigar Smokers Guide to Cigar Basics

If you have found your way to Cigar Basics 101 then you want to have a better understanding of the cigar basics. When I first started smoking cigars over 10 years ago I thought the cigar basics were choosing a cigar, cutting a cigar, light the cigar, and start smoking. This is a great start of how to smoke a cigar but only covers the fundamentals and does not give you an appreciation of each step of smoking a cigar. Each step of smoking a cigar has a purpose; this purpose is to guard the flavor of your cigar. This is where Cigar Basics and Humidor Basics come into play to maximize the flavors and your enjoyment of high quality cigars.

As my interest for cigars grew, I wanted to understand what I was smoking. Every time I went to my local cigar shop, I started asking questions. Those questions led to research, and better understanding.  With that came a better appreciation for the cigars that I chose and smoked. I realize now that I ruined quite a few good cigars before a I truly learned the cigar basics.To help you come to a similar appreciation of cigars I wanted to provide a place where you can come read about the basics of cigars and gain this appreciation of cigars and their flavors.

If you have not realized, this may be a good time for you to start reading about the cigar basics and smoke a cigar.

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