AJ Fernandez New World

New World Band

AJ Fernandez New World The New World is the newest cigar from AJ Fernandez. The AJ Fernandez New World is a medium to full bodied box pressed cigar that comes in four unique sizes. These sizes are: Navegante: 5.5 x 55 Robusto Almirante: 5.5 x 55 Belicoso Gobernador: 6.5 x 55 Toro Virrey: 6 x […]

Attack of the Tobacco Beetles

Tobacco Beetle Cigar

I have finally had my first experience with the infamous tobacco beetle. Some may call this the cigarette beetle, cigar beetle or the tobacco beetle. Its actual name is Lasioderma serricorne. For this article, I am going to stick with calling them tobacco beetles. If you smoke cigars long, enough you will more than likely […]

Cigar Tips: Fix Cigar Canoeing

AB American Classic Blend 1

How to Fix Cigar Canoeing If you read our cigar tip on how to prevent cigar canoeing you may have noticed that it was missing how to fix cigar canoeing. If you have not read the article on preventing cigar canoeing then you can find it here. There are several ways that you can fix […]

Cigars of the Month Vol. 1


  View this email in your browser Cigar Basics 101 – Cigars of the Month Vol. 1 A New Cigar Smokers Guide to Cigar Basics One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “What cigar should I try?” I always tell people all of them! You never know what you will like until […]

CAO Amazon Basin

CAO Amazon Basin

The CAO Amazon Basin is a small batch limited release cigar. The CAO Amazon Basin uses a rare tobacco found in the Amazon rainforest as part of its filler. The region that this tobacco comes in the Amazon rainforest is Bragança. This Bragança tobacco is harvested once every three years. Because of the low yield […]

Quick Review: Espinosa Y Ortega Murcielago

Espinosa Y Ortega Murcielago Band

Espinosa Y Ortega Murcielago Description: Espinosa Y Ortega Murcielago cigars (Spanish for ‘bat’) are another visionary creation from Eddie Ortega & Erik Espinosa, and the gifted hands of Don Pepin Garcia. Handcrafted with hearty Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos, a Mexican binder, and a lush, dark Mexican San Andreas Maduro wrapper, the result is a medium to full-bodied […]

Falto Cigar Giveaway

photo 3

Now that summer is here and in full swing it is time for Cigar Basics 101 to have its very first giveaway and it just happens to be a Falto Cigar Giveaway. I was able to work with Todd from Falto Cigars to provide one lucky Cigar Basics 101 follower with the Falto Colleccion 1 sampler pack […]

The Best Damn Cigar Show – 04/25/2014


On April 25, 2014 I had an opportunity of being a guest on “The Best Damn Cigar Show” that is hosted by Brad Berko the owner of the Scottsdale Cigar Club to discuss the blog and the topic of cigar basics. This is my third appearance on the show. You can listen to the first appearance […]

Cigar Tips: Prevent Cigar Canoeing

Cigar Canoeing 1

Cigar Tips: Prevent Cigar Canoeing For most cigar smokers cigar canoeing is something that we all have had to deal with. Obviously, we are not talking about grabbing a canoe and some paddles and traveling around a lake or down a river. We have all dealt with our cigars burning further down on one side […]

Doc’s Review – Rocky Patel Decade


Granted my exposure to copious amount of cigars has its limits but the Rocky Patel Decade rocked my pallet like no other cigar and is by far my favorite.  It’s a bold statement to make having such a young rookie pallet but it will lead us into a nice discussion on pallets.  Now let’s talk […]

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